All About LED Bulbs

LED bulbs come with a number of advantages. They provide a clean, bright light that doesn’t flicker. When you turn them on, they attain their full brightness immediately which is unlike other types of bulbs that take a few minutes to reach full brightness.

LED bulbs don’t have harmful substances or gases; therefore, you don’t have to worry when handling them. They also don’t get too hot. Thus you can easily handle them even when they are on.

LED bulbs consume just small amounts of light thus saving you a lot of money. They also save you a lot of money as they last for a long time.

Guide On How To Buy LED Bulbs

For you to buy the right LED bulbs you need to consider a number of factors:

1. Bulb shape:

LED bulbs come in four main shapes – candle bulbs, spotlights, A-line bulbs, and floodlights. There are other shapes, but these four are the most common. The shape of the bulb is of great importance as it determines the direction that the light travels.

Floodlights and A-line bulbs have wide angles. Floodlights are ideal for outdoor and recessed lighting while A-line bulbs are ideal for room lamps.

From their name, spotlights have a narrow beam that is ideal for theatres. Candle bulbs have the shape of a candle and are ideal for wall sconces and chandeliers.

2. Colour:

LED bulbs come in different colours and all you need to do is choose the one that is ideal for you. When choosing a colour to go with, you should consider how well the light shows the real colour of the objects and the temperature.

3. Base configuration:

The base configuration is the shape of the bulb where it attaches to the fixture. There are different types of base configurations such as screw-in and Edison. If you are replacing a bulb, you should go with it to the store. If buying the bulbs online, you should visit reputable sites and carefully compare the measurements and photographs of the bulbs.

4. Dimmable:

Technology has made it possible for manufacturers to come up with dimmable bulbs. These bulbs allow you to easily dim them thus saving you a lot of energy. The feature also aids in extending the bulb’s lifespan.


This is what you need to know about LED bulbs. For the bulbs to last for a long time, ensure that you buy them from a reputable manufacturer.

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