Benefits of Polywood Outdoor Furniture in Commercial Properties

Polywood is a modern alternative to traditional wooden outdoor furniture for commercial properties. Polywood is engineered from recycled milk jugs and water bottles once destined for the landfill. Then, the material is crafted to look and feel exactly like real wood. Combining the aesthetics of wood with the durability of plastic makes it perfect for commercial properties

Polywood is virtually impervious to all weather conditions: it won’t crack, warp, or rot. This non-porous plastic does not attract or harbor insects, mold or fungus and vandals find it difficult to harm commercial-grade Polywood furniture. Polywood outdoor furniture is easily cleaned with soap and water and is durable enough to withstand power-washing.

Polywood also comes in a variety of eye-catching colors. Unlike traditional lumber, the colorants are not simply applied to the surface but appear throughout the entire material. Therefore, knicks and bumps will be nearly invisible as there will be no break in the color. The colors are fade-resistant and will never need to be repainted, saving you in labor costs.

Compared to patio furniture made from treated lumber, Polywood outdoor furniture is non-toxic and does not leach arsenic, heavy metals or chemicals that could contaminate the surrounding soil. Polywood is projected to last for 50 years and then continues to be environmentally friendly. At the end of its useful life, commercial Polywood patio furniture is easy and economical to dispose of because it is recyclable.

Especially for sites endeavoring to create a more environmentally friendly landscape and install green initiatives, Polywood furnishings will decrease your eco-foot print. Polywood outdoor furniture both decreases the use of natural resources and creates furniture that will last longer with significantly less maintenance than traditional lumber. Plus, when it is finally time to replace it, the Polywood furniture is completely recyclable. As many green initiatives do, Polywood outdoor furniture will save a site money in the long run. It’s clear that Polywood furniture provides a significant number of benefits for commercial properties.

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