Office Cleaning Standards For Janitor Services

Choosing the right commercial office cleaning services for your business requires careful consideration, but in the end it all comes down to personnel.  A stellar work ethic and team effort are what make one cleaning company stand above the rest.  Below are some of the factors that a conscientious cleaning staff will take to heart, putting your mind at ease and making your office environment as pleasant as possible.

1.   Ethics

Any good cleaning service will show attention to detail, but only exceptional companies will be dedicated enough to consistently care for your most delicate items.  These include vertical blinds, computer screens and keyboards, light bulbs, baseboards, and fan blades.  Every surface should be clean, with sufficient attention paid to those areas that are easily damaged.

And of course, ethics means honesty and respect.  Make sure the company you choose insists on outlining and discussing a clear and well-thought out customized cleaning plan in order to prevent any misunderstandings or miscommunication.  Sincerely caring about giving you the best results possible for your unique needs should always be the number one goal of any cleaning service.  Which areas are you most concerned with?  What type of cleaners do you want (green, industrial)? Would you like any special services such as window cleaning or stripping and sealing of hard floors?  What are your allergy concerns?  The best companies will ask all of these questions.

2.  Business cleaning is personal

Just because a company specializes in office versus residential cleaning doesn’t mean they should be any less concerned with personal service.  Your business property may not be as sentimental as what you have at home, but it is certainly as valuable.  Make sure the cleaning personnel you choose are experienced as well as careful and considerate.

3.  Floor care is an art

Floor care should be treated as an art form.  A less than sparkling floor can do serious damage to a customer’s respect for your business.  Stripping and buffing are tough to master, so make sure the company you choose has plenty of expertise in this area.  Moving those huge machines with skill and efficiency requires practice and patience.  Remember how pleasing it is to enter an establishment and be struck by the glistening brightness of a clean floor, and demand this quality care for your office environment.

4.  Commercial cleaning requires specialized skills

In the commercial cleaning business world, references and referrals prevail over any form of advertising for one simple reason; clients want experience.  Experience means quality, quality means ethics, and ethics means stellar personnel.  Owners of office buildings, churches, restaurants, schools and other types of establishments may all choose the same cleaning company because this type of quality is hard to come by.  Unfortunately, cleaning service workers are often looked upon as non-skilled labor, but anyone with experience in this field knows better.  As in any occupation, good workers with experience and dedication are hard to come by.  Make sure the office cleaning company you choose respects their workers as skilled specialists.  A lack of appreciation and high employee turnover rate will always mean poor results for you

Source by David Bruce Jr

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