Pressure Cleaners And Things You Should Know

If you are a first time user, there are certain things you need to know about Pressure Cleaners before you start using them. Without the proper knowledge, your pressure cleaning activity may end up a disaster. Consider the following 5 things before buying or using a Pressure Cleaner:

1. Choose the right machine: The first step to using a pressure cleaner is to choose the correct machine for the job. Concrete driveways and garages having tougher grease or oil stains require a high-pressure cleaner that has hot water or steam output to cut through the grease and oil. In addition, you can use any chemical cleansing agent to give extra power to the hot water. For surfaces that need regular cleaning, you can go in for cold pressure cleaners, which can do the job quite effectively.

2. Check the gas and oil level: Before you start using your machine, be sure to check the gas and engine oil level. This sounds very basic but if you use your cleaner without enough oil and gas, it could damage your equipment. Many units nowadays come with an Oil Alert System. Check the manual provided to see if the pressure cleaner you are buying has this facility.

3. A pressure of Water is the Criteria: You have to understand that the pressure of water from your machine does the cleaning and not the amount of water you use. Whether it is high-pressure cleaning or low-pressure cleaning, the volume of water flowing through your hose is the same. This is important to understand as adding more water to your soap or cleaning solution will not improve the cleaning process. The correct distance of the nozzle from the dirt or stain will help in removing it in a short time.

4. Handle your Pressure Cleaner Carefully: Your pressure cleaner is not a toy or an equipment to use carelessly. Remember to never point the nozzle at any human or pet as the high water pressure can cause some irreparable damage to them. Even after you switch it off, be sure to keep the nozzle away from you as it may have some residual pressure left inside that will cause harm.

5. Dress Appropriately: It is necessary to dress appropriately while pressure cleaning. Do not wear open sandals or any kind of footwear that will expose your feet to the high-pressure cleaning. Better to wear closed shoes, preferably safety boots with steel toes. In addition, wear full-sleeved shirts, full pants and safety goggles to prevent the danger of exposing your skin and eyes to the high-pressure water and chemicals you may use for cleaning.

Apart from the above five aspects, you also need to know how to clean and maintain your pressure cleaner to keep it working for a long time. You may need professional help for this. In addition, if you are using a pressure cleaner for the first time, better have a professional cleaner supervise your cleaning to ensure that you have the right machine and are using the right method of cleaning.

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