Maintenance Tips For Floor Cleaning Equipment

If you have purchased floor cleaning equipment to do your own cleaning in your commercial building, here are a few things to keep maintained to ensure optimum efficiency of your equipment.

If your equipment just can’t seem to do the job, be sure to give the professionals at New Clean Living a call, 604 442 5326.

There are five areas on floor cleaning equipment to maintain on both types of machines.

  1. Recovery Tanks: They should be emptied and rinsed then clean the shut-off filters and leave the lids off so that they can air dry.
  2. Solution Tanks: They should be emptied as well if you leave the solution in the tank it will gum up your filters and affect performance.
  3. Brushes / Pads: They should be cleaned and rinsed after each use.
  4. Vacuum Ports and Squeegees: They should be cleaned quickly after each use before the dirt dries on it.
  5. Jets: They should be maintained regularly so that they spray evenly on the floor.
    To clean them just soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water overnight to remove the built up mineral deposits.
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