trash can smell

How to Get Rid of Trash Can Smell

Trash can odors are difficult odors to remove for most cleaning products. Trash cans, trash bins, garbage cans, trash compactors, garbage disposals, roll out containers and trash dumpsters all have consistent, persistent and lingering odors after you remove the trash and refuse from the receptacle.

Green Office Cleaning and Decluttering

Is your office a chaos? Are you tired of having inefficient office cleaning service? If yes, then you’ve got to make your cleaning and decluttering plan. A dirt free and well-maintained office always contracts prospect customers and leaves a lasting impression to people who visit your office. Never underestimate the potential of developing your company by maintaining a clean and organized workplace.

Cleaning Stains From Your Office Chair

There is nothing worse than finding a nasty stain on your office chair fabric, it seems once it’s there it almost appears to grow and magnify each time you look at it. The question is what is the best way to deal with a bad fabric stain? The answer really depends on what the stain is caused by.

How To Maintain A Clean Carpet In Your Office

Carpets tend to quickly get dirty especially in offices and any other commercial spaces where certain areas see a high amount of traffic on a daily basis.

This causes the carpets to look old which is an eyesore for visitors and even the staff that work there plus they tend to collect quite a bit of germ and bacteria.

Here are a few tips to help keep your carpet clean and in tip top shape.

Maintenance Tips For Floor Cleaning Equipment

If you have purchased floor cleaning equipment to do your own cleaning in your commercial building, here are a few things to keep maintained to ensure optimum efficiency of your equipment.

If your equipment just can’t seem to do the job, be sure to give the professionals at New Clean Living a call, 604 442 5326.

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