How To Maintain A Clean Carpet In Your Office

Carpets tend to quickly get dirty especially in offices and any other commercial spaces where certain areas see a high amount of traffic on a daily basis.

This causes the carpets to look old which is an eyesore for visitors and even the staff that work there plus they tend to collect quite a bit of germ and bacteria.

Here are a few tips to help keep your carpet clean and in tip top shape.

Vacuum Routinely:

The best way to keep your carpets dust, germ and bacteria free is by vacuuming it at least two to three times per week and daily in heavy traffic areas.

Remember, the longer you take to vacuum the harder it becomes to remove the dust, dirt, germ and bacteria,

Clean Spills Immediately:

Most liquids contain artificial colouring which can easily stain your carpet so if something gets spilt be sure to try and clean it up as soon as possible.

If it is a greasy substance that was spilt, use hot water and some dish soap instead of just water with a regular substance.

If you need professional help to clean your carpets be sure to give NCL Facility Services a call at 604 442 5326, we provide professional janitorial services which also includes carpet cleaning for all types of Commercial Buildings.

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