Cleaning Stains From Your Office Chair

There is nothing worse than finding a nasty stain on your office chair fabric, it seems once it’s there it almost appears to grow and magnify each time you look at it. The question is what is the best way to deal with a bad fabric stain? The answer really depends on what the stain is caused by.

The answer really depends on what the stain is caused by.

Here are some of the most common stains found on office chairs and how to best deal with them.

Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee Stains

Fabric stains on office chairs caused by soft drinks, tea and coffee are very common after all it’s just so easy to spill your drink when working in your chair.

As with the majority of fabric stains, speedy treatment is vital so it is always best to act quickly. Begin by mopping up any excess fluid with a white paper towel, do this by blotting the stain and don’t start rubbing at it.

Next, mix up a solution of 33% white vinegar (acetic acid) and 66% warm water, dampen the stain with the solution with either a cloth or a misting spray.

Allow it to soak in for a short time and then blot again with a clean paper towel, repeat this process if necessary.

Grease Stains

Again speed is important when dealing with grease stains. Begin by sprinkling the greasy mark with talc or corn starch and let the grease absorb into the powder before brushing it off. This will remove any grease sitting on the surface of the fabric.

Next, use a dry cleaning solvent to damp the stain to dissolve the grease using a white paper towel to blot the affected area and remove the grease. It may well be necessary to repeat the treatment where the stain is particularly bad.

A cautionary note, before using any solvent always test it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t adversely react with the fabric colour.

Chocolate Stains

Chocolate is a real menace in the office, you’re having a snack and before you know it a lump of chocolate falls on the chair and then you sit on it and the damage is done.

Where it’s a big lump it is worth placing an ice cube in some cling film and pressing it against the chocolate to harden it, then take the back of a pen knife and carefully scrape off the build up of chocolate.

Once you have done this use the dry cleaning solvent procedure suggested for grease stains, remembering to test for colour fastness first.

General Office Chair Fabric Maintenance

You may find you will need to clean the remainder of your chair fabric if it is a few years old as spot cleaning can leave the area a lot cleaner than the remaining fabric.

It’s always a good idea to keep your chair fabric in good condition by regular cleaning, left untreated minute grit particles to embed themselves and act like sandpaper causing premature wear in your seating upholstery.

Regular vacuuming with a good cleaner as well as light beating to agitate the dirt particles is a good idea and will help prolong the life of your chair’s fabric.

Where the fabric is heavily worn it may be too late to restore its finish and investing in a new chair may be necessary.
Source by Duncan Macintyre

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