Post Construction Dust Cleaning Tips

If you have just finished some construction work on your home or office and feel like the clean up is small enough for you to handle on your own, then here are some great tips on where to begin on the dust removal.

1. Air Filters – The first place to start off with is the air filters, they do not just trap dust but they also tend to spread it through out the house via the air vents so if you have just finished a construction job in the building, all depending on the condition they are in, we highly recommend you either clean or replace them.

2. Ledges – They are an obvious place to dust but many times we tend to completely forget about them so be sure to give them a good wipe down.

3. Walls – When removing dust from the walls you must use something soft enough that you do not risk scratching the paint yet tough enough that it will remove all the dust.

Try using a moist towel and wipe down the walls with it.

For the high, hard to reach places you can wrap the towel around the end of your broom.

4. Baseboards – The best way to clean your baseboards is to use your used dryer sheets to wipe away the dust.

The used dryer sheets tend to pick up dust like a magnet.

5. Vents – Remove the covers of your vents and give them a good dusting then grab your vacuum and thoroughly vacuum the inside of the vents.


If the Post Construction clean up seems too much for you to handle, give the experts at New Clean Living a call at 604 442 5326 or send us an email to and arrange your clean up today.

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