The Importance Of Green Cleaning

The internet has led to a huge increase in people’s knowledge on cleaning products.

Thanks to search engines like Google, man people are able to learn about the risks that non-green cleaning products can cause and how many green products actually provide a just as good cleaning as the chemical products do.

For example, the EPA summary on the importance of green cleaning products has revealed that non-green products pose a significant risk to wildlife in areas without modern sewage treatment and a small but yet noticeable effect on nitrate concentration even in treated sewages.

Most importantly the EPA summary revealed that non-green products alter the health of people who use the products as well as people who live or work in buildings where the products are used.

A slew of Scientific Organisations such as the Canadian Lung Association, Carnegie Mellon University and the EPA have released research that indicates the fumes of non-green products include volatile organic compounds that irritate the lungs and may cause asthma, stress, lack of focus, low blood oxygen, heart disease and the increased risk of a whole bunch of infections.

Apart from the health risks, nowadays green cleaning products are now a lot more affordable and able to compare in price to chemical products and work just as well at cleaning items and killing bacteria and germs.

For example, Vinegar is just as effective at killing household germs as bleach or other ammonia-based cleaners.

Baking Soda cuts grease as well as any synthetic compound, Borax, a naturally occurring mineral with no volatile organic compounds does a great job at whitening and costs much less than artificial equivalents.

This is why at NCL Facility Services we use eco-friendly, green cleaning products whenever possible because we care about the environment and the health of you and everyone else who works or resides in the buildings that we clean.

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