Unraveling the Mysteries of Vapor Steam Cleaning

How does the cleaning process work? Steam vapour machines heat tap water to an extremely high temperature so the water forms a fine, dry mist. There is no need to use chemicals in the cleaning process – the heat actually does the cleaning for you. The water is placed in a sealed boiler and heated until it gets to the right temperature. This usually takes about 25 minutes until the system is ready to use.

Carpet Cleaning Methods – Pros And Cons

There are several carpet cleaning methods being used by various professional carpet cleaning companies and households today. Each type of cleaning has its own peculiar advantages and disadvantages. This article will assist you to choose among them, as we tabulate the most popular methods, and outline their perceived pros and cons.

5 Things to Consider When Designing an Office Layout

Moving into a new office space can be a daunting experience if you have never done it before. There are many factors to consider (both internally and externally to the office environment) which will impact on the suitability of the space and the most optimum use of it for your business. This article provides information on the 5 most important factors to consider once you have confirmed your new office location.

How To Eliminate Urine Smell From Your Public Bathroom

Public bathrooms can end up with a hard to remove urine smell especially the male bathroom and especially if you own a business that involves the consumption of alcohol.

Even though you use Urinal Cakes and try to have your cleaner go in every few hours to give it a touch up the scent always seems to come back.

Here is a great homemade, eco-friendly solution to try that is guaranteed to get rid of the lingering odour.

Are Your Cleaners Cleaning?

You arrive at work only to find that all of the trash hasn’t been emptied and the tiny pieces of paper on the floor yesterday are still there today.

Unfortunately, this is all too often the case with non-professional cleaners.

Professional, traditional cleaning companies have systems in place, such as inspections, to see that their crews are meeting expectations.

How do you know you’re going to get what you pay for?