How to Clean Your Commercial Refrigerator

It would not be wrong to say that the commercial refrigerator is not only the heart but the backbone of every kitchen. It is the most indispensable unit in a commercial kitchen or in a restaurant. Keeping a commercial refrigerator up and running is therefore very essential. In turn, proper care must be taken to clean your unit.

A commercial refrigerator needs to be cleaned properly and correctly after definite intervals of time. The shelves placed inside the refrigerator must be cleaned at least once every week. If not cleaned regularly, the commercial refrigerator may give out a foul smell. It may also lead to the growth of fungal and bacterial activity inside the refrigerator. Any such activity can prove to be very dangerous and fatal too, to persons who consume food products made from these. It may also adversely affect the flavour of such food items.

Since a refrigerator is an electrical unit before cleaning it, it is very important that it must be unplugged. Only after you have made sure that the plug of the refrigerator is removed from the socket and the switch is turned off should you commence the cleaning of the commercial refrigerator.

The basic component of a commercial refrigerator that needs cleaning is its exterior unit, door, the shelves, the door gaskets, the condenser coil and the motor or fan.

The exterior of the unit needs to be wiped every day. It must be cleaned at least once a week with water and mild soap solution. The use of strong cleaning lotions, bleach etc must be avoided because this may affect the surface of the refrigerator unit whereby it may lose its smooth finish. A mild soap and warm water solution will clean away any stains or dirt and dust. If the commercial refrigerator has a glass door then its cleaning is much simpler. It may be cleaned with a damp cloth or paper.

The shelves of the refrigerator too must be cleaned with warm water and mild soap solution to wipe away the dirt and the dust. Remember not to wash the shelves or the interior portions of the refrigerator with any strong solution and bleach because it will not only affect the finish of the refrigerator but also leave behind a strong odour. Such strong odour if mixed with the food items stored in it will affect its flavour.

The door gaskets must be cleaned every week. To clean them you can soak them in soap and water solution for about thirty minutes. After that, all that you need to do is dry them and reattach them back. However, you need to ensure that they form a proper seal after they have been reattached

The condenser coil is the most important part of a commercial refrigerator; therefore, it must be cleaned with a lot of care. It needs to be cleaned every month with commercial condenser coil cleaner to keep it free from dust, dirt and lint of any kind. Similarly, the fan blades and the motor should be cleaned once a month with a dry cloth and soft brush. If it is necessary to wash them with water, they need to be completely dry before the refrigerator is switched on to prevent a short circuit.

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