Easy Computer Cleaning Hacks

Even though most offices have a janitorial service hired to come in and clean the office there is some stuff that the janitor might not be able to clean at your workstation such as your computer and all of its add-ons such as the keyboard, mouse, etc.

Here are a few easy hacks you can use to keep it all nice and clean.

  1. Computer Monitors tend to pick up quite a bit of dust over time and can’t just be cleaned with anything as there is always the risk of scratching the screen or even worst shorting out the wires by using a damp cloth.

    A great computer monitor cleaning solution that you can easily make is made up of just Isopropyl Alcohol and Water.

    To make this cleaning solution just fill a spray bottle halfway with distilled or bottled water and the other half with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

    Once you have filled up the bottle, screw the lid back on tight and give it a good shake to mix the ingredients then just lightly spray a little bit onto a microfiber cloth and wipe away.

    * We highly suggest you not use this more than once a week, if you over do it the solution may eventually end up getting absorbed by your screen.

  2. Our fingertips contain oil and grease which build up over time on the keys of your keyboard leaving it with some gross brown coloured looking stains.

    We can not wash the keys and sometimes a moist wipe is just not strong enough to do the job but a great trick not many know about is to use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

    Just take the corner of your Magic Eraser and gently rub the keys, be sure as the stains come off to move on to the next key.

    Do not over-scrub as you risk erasing the letters / numbers / symbols on the keys after over rubbing a few times.

    When doing this the Magic Eraser will tend to leave little dust bits behind so we suggest you also have a can of compressed air on hand and blow these bits out from between your keys before they get stuck underneath the keys.

  3. To remove any crumbs that may be stuck between the keys on your keyboard, run the sticky edge of a sticky note between the keys.
  4. If you use headphones at work, you can keep them looking nice and clean by wiping the grime off of the earbuds using a moist wipe then disinfect them by wiping them down with a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on it.
  5. For other parts of your computer, that does not need special care when cleaning such as your CPU tower or mouse just use a lightly moistened microfiber cloth to wipe them down.

You can also use these great cleaning hacks to keep your laptop or home computer clean as well.

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