How To Clean The Grout In Between Your Tiles

The grout in between your tiles tends to get dirty, grimy and even build up a black, brown or grey colour mildew / mould which looks terrible.

It can also be quite a hassle to clean between the tiles properly as it is hard to get in between the small spaces to scrub them good.

Even if you use a standard bathroom and kitchen sprays they just don’t seem to do the job they should be doing.

So the next time you are trying to clean the grout in between your tiles, give our homemade cleaning solutions a try.


Baking Soda and Water

Add a little bit of baking soda to some water and mix it until it becomes a thick paste.

Using an old toothbrush, apply the paste onto the grout and scrub vigorously.

For deep, extra dirty stains leave the paste on for a few minutes and then scrub vigorously.


Vinegar and Baking Soda

If you are trying to keep away from harsh chemicals during your cleaning this is one of the best solutions for you.

Add some white vinegar to a spray bottle.

Sprinkle in a little bit of baking soda along the grout lines.

Spray the vinegar onto the baking soda which should make it start to fizz (like those paper machete volcanoes you use to make in Science class) and give it a good scrub using an old toothbrush.

Once you are done wipe the grout using a damp sponge to finish cleaning it up.


If this is not enough to get the job done be sure to give us a call at New Clean Living Facility Services (604 442 5326) and schedule for one of our expert cleaners to come in and give your office floors a professional cleaning.

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