Simple Tips To Help Keep The Office Clean

Even though the Janitorial Service comes in to clean the office a few times a week it does not mean that you do not have to do your part to help keep it looking clean.

Here are a few tips of stuff each and every office employee can follow to help keep the office looking nice and clean in between the Janitorial Services’ Scheduled Cleaning dates.


  • Vacuum Daily

    No matter how sealed up your office may be, dust always manages to find a way in, even if it is just very little it will still eventually build up until it is noticeable.To help prevent dust build up, assign a schedule for a different employee to take at least fifteen minutes after the end of their shift every day to give the office a quick vacuum.

  • Wash Dishes and Utensils Immediately after usage

    Most employees use the Office supplied Break Room Dishes and Utensils on a daily basis but many also have the bad habit of putting off the cleaning of the used dishes and utensils until the end of the day.The longer those dishes and utensils sit in the sink dirty, the harder the grime stays and the longer it will take to clean them at the end of the day.Plus if you have clients arriving in your office it looks really bad if they pass by your break room and see all those dirty dishes piled up.

    Try reminding all employees to wash their dishes and utensils immediately after using them to help keep the break room looking clean.

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