Easy Ways To Clean Your Paint Brush

If you enjoy doing small post-construction jobs on your own such as painting that newly built wall we know it is a real headache to clean the paint brush afterwards.

But do not worry about this as we have some great, easy tips on how to clean your paint brush without having to break a sweat.

The first step is you need to make sure you have a container that you can stick your paint brushes in such as an old yoghurt, sour cream or margarine container.

Fill the said container up with water, the temperature does not matter, and when you finish painting just stick your paint brushes into the water and leave them there to soak.

It does not matter how long you leave them to soak, it can be a few hours or even a few days as long as the brushes are in the water this trick will work.

When you finally get around to finish cleaning the paint off the brush, just pull it out of the water and you should see that the paint dried into a line of crust that can easily be scrubbed off.

To scrub it off all you will need is some liquid soap for washing your hands or for washing dishes, it really does not matter.

Rub the soap over the crusty paint and then give it a good scrub using one of those green scrubbing pads you use for washing your dishes by hand.

The crust of paint should rub right off.

Once you are done scrubbing off all the paint, give the paint brush a good rinse and then let it dry.

As easy as that you have easily cleaned your paint brush without the need of breaking a sweat or having to use messy toxic paint thinners.

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