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How to Remove Corrosion From Stained Glass

Corrosion on stained glass is commonly referred to as white mould. It appears on the lead or solder lines, leaving the stained glass piece spotted and unattractive. The corrosion or white mould is frequently the result of flux residue that was not thoroughly removed.

How to Clean Your Commercial Refrigerator

It would not be wrong to say that the commercial refrigerator is not only the heart but the backbone of every kitchen. It is the most indispensable unit in a commercial kitchen or in a restaurant. Keeping a commercial refrigerator up and running is therefore very essential. In turn, proper care must be taken to clean your unit.

Tips For Cleaning Pavements

You may have brick, concrete or limestone pavement on your patio, driveway or almost any area that requires beautiful landscaping. Cleaning pavement is a chore that complements its presence. Since these typically are areas that hold the first impression, you may want to ensure that they are maintained in pristine condition. The better you maintain them, the better they would look. When maintained in good condition, they enhance the look of the place they adorn. This article discusses some quick tips you could follow for healthy pavements.

Popular Responses to Red Wine Carpet Stains

Certain stains have a reputation for being impossible to remove. Pomegranate juice, blueberries and red wine pop into mind. When one of these colorful stains shows up on your carpet you might think about moving the furniture, buying an area rug or even replacing your carpet. Before you take one of these drastic steps, there are a few other options.

Act fast

Time is not really on your side when you’re dealing with red wine stains. If you only notice the stain after it’s already dried, you have a very tough problem on your hands. If, however, you see the stain as soon as it happens here’s what you need to do:

Graffiti Cleaner To Keep Your Environment Clean

Graffiti has been a problem in many cities for years now. It is a complex form of art done by a group of artist to protest or display their art. Generally done by hip-hop gangs or protestants on the walls of bridges, streets and buildings illegally. They use spraying cans with permanent ink to do the same. Graffiti is a combination of words, numbers and drawings.

Graffiti decreases the value and look of the building. Also, the area where graffiti is common is considered to be unsafe as well. Thus graffiti cleaning is very essential.

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