Home Renovations That Are Illegal to Do on Your Own

It doesn’t matter how handy or knowledgeable you are, there are some home renovations that are against the law to do yourself. There are many reasons why these projects are illegal to “DIY“, but it is mostly due to the fact that they involve complicated codes and procedures, which require specialized licensing, training, and equipment. Examples include water heater replacement, plumbing work, lead paint removal, framework construction, and more. Aside from being legally prohibited, performing these types of projects on your own can also void warranties, jeopardize insurance claims, lower property value, and even hinder resales. Continue reading to review some illegal DIY home improvement projects, so you can better protect yourself, your home, and all that’s in it, from trouble.

Maintenance Tips For New Home Owners

Even though your main concerns at the time of purchasing a new home are projects such as picking out the perfect paint colour, decorating your home, etc. there are a few essential maintenance projects you should also add to the list.

Seal Up Your Windows

This first project can help save you heaps of money on your energy bill.

If you have noticed areas in your home near windows that seem to be a bit cooler then you most likely have an air leak.