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Office Cleaning Standards For Janitor Services

Choosing the right commercial office cleaning services for your business requires careful consideration, but in the end it all comes down to personnel.  A stellar work ethic and team effort are what make one cleaning company stand above the rest.  Below are some of the factors that a conscientious cleaning staff will take to heart, putting your mind at ease and making your office environment as pleasant as possible.

How To Eliminate Urine Smell From Your Public Bathroom

Public bathrooms can end up with a hard to remove urine smell especially the male bathroom and especially if you own a business that involves the consumption of alcohol.

Even though you use Urinal Cakes and try to have your cleaner go in every few hours to give it a touch up the scent always seems to come back.

Here is a great homemade, eco-friendly solution to try that is guaranteed to get rid of the lingering odour.

The Importance Of Green Cleaning

The internet has led to a huge increase in people’s knowledge on cleaning products.

Thanks to search engines like Google, man people are able to learn about the risks that non-green cleaning products can cause and how many green products actually provide a just as good cleaning as the chemical products do.

For example, the EPA summary on the importance of green cleaning products has revealed that non-green products pose a significant risk to wildlife in areas without modern sewage treatment and a small but yet noticeable effect on nitrate concentration even in treated sewages.

Coca Cola Cleaning Hacks

Coca Cola, it is one of the most famous beverages known throughout the world but did you know that Coca Cola is also one of the best cleaning solutions for a janitorial service to have in their arsenal of cleaning supplies?

Here are just a few of the many ways that a can of Coca Cola can be used to help make certain cleaning situations much easier.

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